Arduino : Where to start and not get overwhelmed

When the alarm rings, I often do not feel like waking up in the morning. If only somebody was there to open the curtains to get sunlight in or switch on a sunlight bulb. And play upbeat morning music  in the speaker. And yeah, can somebody please run the coffee maker and put two bread slices in the toaster please? With Arduino you can get all these automated at your home without any prior knowledge of coding or electronics. You can also control any of these awesome wifi gadgets from anywhere, home or outside.

Reasons for

These are the reasons why you may consider starting with Arduino:

A. Learn new things: If you

B. Learn to code in a fun way: If

C. Automate a small task at home: If

Eventually the

Reasons for

What you need to start with your first project

Arduino Board:


USB A/B plug

You write code in your computer and then send the code to the Arduino for Arduino to execute the code.

Sensor Shield:

What Check this video



  2. Jumper wire:


  3. LEDs 

  4. Download Arduino program:

Getting started

  • Step 1 : Connecting the circuit
  • Step 2 : Writing the code in Computer
  • Step 3 : Pushing the compiled code in 

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