Consulting case interview guide Part 1: Introduction


Christy called me as soon as the interview was over. Her voice sounded heavy. She was not her usual self. The interview apparently did not go as expected.Cracking a consulting case interview is never easy. Even though she ran her own small business. And she possessed an acute business acumen. During practice interviews, often I found her to miss crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s in a hurry. She was eager and hungry to get to the solution. She wanted to ‘crack the case’. For consulting case interviews that is a major faux pas. This post provides an introduction to how to choose if consulting as the right career for you, how to land a consulting interview and how to ‘crack the case’ to land a consulting job.

Choosing consulting as your career

A large number of recent graduates try to get into consulting as their first job. The lure of a high flying job , coupled with staying at plush hotels, and racking up miles.

While, the advantages of consulting as a first job is undisputable, it may be worth breaking some myths, before deciding that consulting is the right career for you.

after talking to many consultants, I came up with the following list of five points which are top reasons people want to join consulting (caveat: I neither support nor oppose the validity of these points, but they represent average market opinion).

  1. Travel to new places: Most consultants spend their Monday to Thurday in a city outside their home
  2. Learning: More often than not, consultants work on projects outside their zone of comfort. That requires them to learn new things quickly and efficiently. Continuous mental stimulation leads to fast and steep learning curve for new and green consultants.
  3. Future career opportunity:Wide
  4. Money
  5. Lifestyle: While the consulting salary is good. What makes it more lucrative is one ends up spending almost no money from Monday to Thursday as most of the expenses incurred while on client site is reimbursable. Within reasonable limits, these expenses are often two to three times more than a new college grad would spend otherwise. On top of that frequent flights and hotel stays rakes up miles which provides for a significant part of your vacation travel flight and hotel stay expenses. And now, I rest my case on the lifestyle aspect of consulting.

To start with, you need to have some credible points in your resume

Stages of a consulting case interview

Typically a consulting case interview lasts for 30 minutes. Majority of the ti

Listening - Structuring - Analyzing - Communicating four skills for consulting case interview guide
Consulting case interview consists of loose partitioned four sections. And the interviewer looks for different skills in these phases

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