Opening all monthly websites at a click

Every few weeks I need to systematically open a set of websites to make bill payments, and run other monthly only chores. I wanted to create a batch process to reduce time required for thinking and opening all these pages.

Minimum viable product
I wanted a 15-minute solution. So, I focused on creating a solution which fulfils the following constraints:

* Create a python program which can open a website

* Create an editable component in the python program to easily add to or delete from the list

* Create a batch file which runs theStep 1: Python Scrpit

Python Code for opening multiple pages from a list

Step 2: Batch file to run the python file
Save the batch file in C:\D Drive\Tats Creations\2018\2018 01. PythonAutomation\PythonScripts\OpenRegularWebsites
Name the

Code for a batch file to open the python script
python “C:\D Drive\Tats Creations\2018\2018 01. PythonAutomation\PythonScri

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